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Monday, September 3, 2007

Re-organization caucuses

This month, towns all over Vermont are working on reorganizing their own town Democratic committee. Please attend your town's caucus, encourage your neighbors to attend, and maybe even consider running for a leadership position.

Here's the list of town caucuses scheduled right now. If you do NOT see your town on this, we may be working to schedule the time & place and will update this post once that is complete, or we are looking for someone to take a lead on scheduling the caucus.
  • Sept. 5th, 7pm - Richmond
  • Sept. 10th, 7pm - South Burlington
  • Sept. 11th, 7pm - Shelburne
  • Sept. 18th, 7pm - Underhill
  • Sept. 18th, 7:30pm - Hinesburg
  • Sept. 18th, 7pm - Charlotte
  • Sept. 19th, 7pm - Burlington
  • Sept. 20th, 7pm - Essex
Please keep an eye on the county party calendar for more updates on these caucus and information about other local events. Please contact us if you have any events you would like publicized.

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