Please get involved and stay informed by showing up at our next meeting (check the calendar on the right sidebar), or contact the Chairman here or sign up at the Vermont Democrats' site. Thank you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Message from State Chair Ian Carleton

This is it. The election is a week from tomorrow and we need your help today and every day through November 4th to elect Barack Obama and Democrats at every level to get our state and nation back on track.

We are preparing for one of the largest volunteer Get Out the Vote efforts Vermont has ever seen and we need you to sign up TODAY to make history.

Yesterday, Obama for America emailed its supporters in the state and urged all of us to get involved to elect Congressman Peter Welch and Speaker Gaye Symington to "make sure Vermont has a strong team to take our country in a new direction.

"That's exactly what we'll be working for in one of the largest ever Get Out the Vote efforts on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We're counting on you to volunteer as much as you can for the final four days.

Sign up online TODAY and join the hundreds of volunteers around the state who will carry our candidates to victory next week.

As Barack Obama works to bring real change to Washington, he will need strong partners in Congress and in the states to get our domestic priorities back on track and reestablish our position as a leader in the world. That's why he is rallying for our own Ticket for Change.

Will you?
Ian Carleton
Chair, Vermont Democratic Party

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Home Stretch - 14 Days to Go

This is it, Chittenden County Democrats!

There are only 14 days left before the election, but there is a lot going on and plenty left to do.

1. Join the Jericho Democrats at their "Crackers, Cake and Candidates" event this Friday at the Jericho Community Center in Jericho Center. Great opportunity to meet the candidates, including Gaye Symington, Tom Costello, Peter Welch and other statewide candidates as well as Chittenden County State Senate candidates and several local House candidates. The event is FREE (donations gladly accepted, however!) and starts at 5 PM and will go on until 8 PM. Come for 15 minutes or for the whole 3 hours. Wine, cheese, and other refreshments will be provided. Click HERE for a map.

2. Join Democrats from across Vermont at the VDP's Countdown to Change Victory Rally on Saturday, October 25, 5:30 p.m. at the Old Labor Hall in Barre, Vt. Just 10 days before the election, our Countdown to Change is the last opportunity for Democrats from around the state to come together and rally for Senator Barack Obama and all of our Democratic candidates. And, this year, all attendees of our Countdown to Change Victory Rally will receive a limited edition "Vermont for Obama/Biden" lawn sign. Click HERE for details and to reserve your ticket. Call or email Chris Brown with questions: or (802) 651-7153.

3. Volunteer at the VDP Campaign HQ on Bank St in Burlington (above Climb High) or at Obama-Biden HQ on North Ave. Make phone calls, stuff envelopes, etc, Your help is needed at either location.

4. Have more time? Help your local House candidate in your very own community. Contact Ben Palkowski at 651-3487 for more information.

With the polls for the Presidential race looking better now is NOT the time to become complacent! Gaye Symington and Tom Costellow still have difficult uphill battles and need our help. Democrats held a substantial majority in the House for the last 2 years, but we have a lot of contested, open seats this year which we can lose if we aren't careful. We need to work hard these last two weeks to get out the vote for our statewide, countywide and House candidates. So, if you have 1 hour or several over the next 2 weeks, please, please do something to help our candidates. This election cycle is the best we've had in the last 8 years to make a difference. Let's not blow it!

I had the privilege of driving down to NH this past weekend with Lucy Gluck and Gary Kowalski to campaign for Barack Obama, Jeanne Shaheen and Paul Hodes. It was an interesting day, including an encounter with a roadside ditch, AAA, and even a security guard. If I run into you in one of the locations above, I'll tell you about it.

Change is coming! Let's do it!

-- Regards,
Mike Yantachka
Chittenden County Democratic Committee Chairman

Monday, October 6, 2008

Support Chittenden County Democratic Candidates

This is one of the most important elections of our lifetime! Active Democrats will be supporting the Democratic ticket from Barack Obama and Joe Biden at the top to our Justice of the Peace Candidates in our municipaites.

Our leadership team for Vermont:

Our Chittenden County State Senate team:

Our State Representative team:

  • BILL LIPPERT Hinesburg Chittenden 1-1
  • SCOTT A. ORR Charlotte Chittenden 1-2
  • TERRY MACAIG Williston Chittenden 2
  • JIM MCCULLOUGH Williston Chittenden 2
  • BILL ASWAD Burlington Chittenden 3-1
  • JOANNA E. COLE Burlington Chittenden 3-1
  • HELEN HEAD So. Burlington Chittenden 3-10
  • MARK LARSON Burlington Chittenden 3-2
  • JASON P. LORBER Burlington Chittenden 3-3
  • RACHEL WESTON Burlington Chittenden 3-3
  • PHILLIP ORTEGO Burlington Chittenden 3-4
  • KESHA RAM Burlington Chittenden 3-4
  • JOEY DONOVAN Burlington Chittenden 3-5
  • SUZI WIZOWATY Burlington Chittenden 3-5
  • KEN ATKINS Winooski Chittenden 3-6
  • CLEM BISSONNETTE Winooski Chittenden 3-6
  • FRANK J. GEIER So. Burlington Chittenden 3-7
  • ANN PUGH So. Burlington Chittenden 3-8
  • SONNY AUDETTE So. Burlington Chittenden 3-9
  • ANNE O'BRIEN Richmond Chittenden 4
  • KATE WEBB Shelburne Chittenden 5-1
  • JOAN G. LENES Shelburne Chittenden 5-2
  • DEBBIE EVANS Essex Chittenden 6-1
  • TIM JERMAN Essex Jct Chittenden 6-2
  • LINDA WAITE-SIMPSON Essex Jct Chittenden 6-2
  • MARTHA HEATH Westford Chittenden 6-3
  • JIM CONDON Colchester Chittenden 7-1
  • JOHN ZENIE Colchester Chittenden 7-1
  • KRISTY SPENGLER Colchester Chittenden 7-2
  • BILL FRANK Jericho Chittenden 8
  • GEORGE TILL Jericho Chittenden 8
  • TODD BUIK Milton Chittenden 9
  • REG GODIN Milton Chittenden 9

Contact the Vermont Democratic Party Campaign HQ (651-3487) 191 Bank St., Burlington, to volunteer or to reach any of the candidates.