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Friday, August 17, 2007

Presidential campaigns in Vermont

The recent fundraiser in Norwich, VT for Senator Barack Obama has me thinking a bit more about the presidential primary, the historical significance of this election cycle, and Vermonters' potential role it it all. First, I want to remind people that this election is different. "Frontrunners" this time are not like frontrunners previous years. There is not a sitting vice president running (thank god). There isn't an incumbent president running (ditto). It's an open field and we should approach it that way. I hope that the media will also start giving some air time to some of the "second tier" candidates who nonetheless are very qualified.

Second, Vermonters should take an active role this time around. If we can volunteer in NH and make a palpable impact, campaigns will start to understand the sway Vermont can have in the primary. While we do not have much influence with our own votes, we can be a power knocking on doors across the CT river. So, if you are committed to a certain candidate, try to get involved. Try to get others involved. Maybe we can have a proxy debate in Chitt. County?

Here's what I know about the Democratic campaigns' presence in Vermont:
Vermonters for Obama
Vermonters for Bill Richardson (headed by our Colchester Representative Jim Condon)

Let me know if you have any other groups going for the other candidates. Clinton? Kucinich? Anyone.


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