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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Legislators and County Dems discuss H.520

Chittenden County Democrats enjoyed another great discussion with key policy makers from our area on Monday night. County Democrats heard from Chairs of the Senate and House Energy and Natural Resources Committees, Senator Ginny Lyons and Rep. Robert Dostis (he represents Buels Gore as well as Waterbury, so we'll count him as a Chittenden County Democrat). Senator Lyons and Rep. Dostis lead an informative discussion of the issues and process surrounding H.520, the climate change legislation recently vetoed by the Governor.

The packed room was also happy to hear from other legislators (seven in total) in attendence. Included among these were two local legislators who voted against the bill originally: Rep. Jim Condon (Colchester) and Rep. Tim Jerman (Essex). They were willing to voice their opinions and listen to the opinions of others. Thank you to Tim, Jim and the other legislators - Lenes, Weston, and Zenie - for attending and given their constituents a chance to discuss the important issue of climate change and the landmark legislation recently passed.

Join us next month to hear from State Auditor Tom Salmon, July 9th at 7pm. He won one of the closest statewide races in Vermont's history; come and ask him what he's been up to since the recount.

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