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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Special Guest for the Ankeney Picnic

We are very pleased to announce that Michael Strizki will attend this year's Ankeney picnic. Mr. Strizki is a civil engineer from New Jersey who lives in America's first solar-hydrogen house. He was recently profiled in both the Christian Science Monitor and the New York Times Magazine.

The New York Times Magazine wrote, "Perhaps most important, Strizki's system can be adapted to existing homes… The Strizki home offers a greener world and the continued pursuit of happiness. Indeed, its premise and secret promise is to recommend two things that are dear to many Americans anyway: energy independence and the permission to keep all one's toys."

The Christian Science Monitor wrote, "Mr. Strizki's monthly utility bill is zero – he's off the power grid – and his system creates no carbon-dioxide emissions. Neither does the fuel-cell car parked in his garage, which runs off the hydrogen his system creates."

Please join us for the 7th annual Ankeney picnic at 1pm, on Saturday June 16th on Ayer Rd. in St. George. This is a fundraiser so we are asking for $15 per person 0r $25 per family.

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