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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Message from State Chair Ian Carleton

This is it. The election is a week from tomorrow and we need your help today and every day through November 4th to elect Barack Obama and Democrats at every level to get our state and nation back on track.

We are preparing for one of the largest volunteer Get Out the Vote efforts Vermont has ever seen and we need you to sign up TODAY to make history.

Yesterday, Obama for America emailed its supporters in the state and urged all of us to get involved to elect Congressman Peter Welch and Speaker Gaye Symington to "make sure Vermont has a strong team to take our country in a new direction.

"That's exactly what we'll be working for in one of the largest ever Get Out the Vote efforts on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We're counting on you to volunteer as much as you can for the final four days.

Sign up online TODAY and join the hundreds of volunteers around the state who will carry our candidates to victory next week.

As Barack Obama works to bring real change to Washington, he will need strong partners in Congress and in the states to get our domestic priorities back on track and reestablish our position as a leader in the world. That's why he is rallying for our own Ticket for Change.

Will you?
Ian Carleton
Chair, Vermont Democratic Party

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