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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

House Campaign Fundraiser Held

The Vermont Democratic House Campaign made its way into southern Chittenden County this week. Charlotte Democratic Committee Vice-Chair Ron Miller and his wife, Jill Wolcott, hosted Speaker Gaye Symington (Jericho) and Representatives Joan Lenes (Shelburne), Bill Lippert (Hinesburg), and Scott Orr (Charlotte), along with dozens of local supporters at their McNeil Cove home. Speaker Symington spoke about the landmark legislation that was passed this past year in the areas of education, child sex-abuse prevention, global warming, and campaign finance reform among others. She contrasted the cooperation the legislature got from the Douglas administration on some of the bills with its resistance on others.

Rep. Orr described the big difference between the Governor's rhetoric and his actions. For example, the Governor failed to fund Children's Services in its budget presented to the legislature, but then took credit for it in a big signing ceremony after the legislature restored the funds. Similarly, the Douglas has been quick to praise the Vermont Energy Efficiency Corporation when speaking to out-of-state groups, but worked against its expansion to include all fuels. Reps. Lippert and Lenes also spoke of their work on the Judiciary and Institutions committees, respectively.

The audience was engaged and asked many questions of and offered varied opinions to the legislators after their initial comments. Reps. Helen Head (So. Burlington) and Floyd Nease (Johnson) also attended the gathering. Money raised during the evening will be used during the 2008 election to expand the Democratic majority in the House.

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